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Business Organizations: Cases, Problems, and Case Studies

Chapter 1.   The Law of Agency
Chapter 2.   General Partnerships
Chapter 3.   Hybrid Entities
Chapter 4.   Organization and Structure
Chapter 5.   Financial Rights of Shareholders
Chapter 6.   Federal Regulation of Shareholder Voting
Chapter 7.   State Regulation of Shareholder Voting
Chapter 9.   Control of the Closely Held Firm
Chapter 10. Directorsí Duty of Care
Chapter 11. Directorsí Duty of Loyalty
Chapter 12. Litigation to Enforce Fiduciary Duties
Chapter 13. Oppression of Minority Shareholders
Chapter 14. Friendly Mergers and Acquisitions
Chapter 15. Defending Against Hostile Takeovers
Chapter 16. Fraud and Insider Trading Under Federal Securities Law