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Modern Consumer Law

To download the complete Table of Contents and Preface, click the link below.

Summary of Contents

Special Notice

Part One: Overview of Consumer Law

Assignment 1: What Is Consumer Law?
Assignment 2: Who Is a Consumer?
Assignment 3: Who Makes Consumer Law?

Part Two: Consumer Meets Business: Getting Into the Deal

Assignment 4: Solicitations
Assignment 5: Advertising
Assignment 6: Consumer Privacy and Identity Theft
Assignment 7: Credit Reporting
Assignment 8: Credit Discrimination

Part Three: Doing the Deal: Terms and Financing

Assignment 9: Unfair or Deceptive Acts or Practices
Assignment 10: Warranties
Assignment 11: Usury
Assignment 12: Credit Cost Disclosures
Assignment 13: Home Purchases
Assignment 14: Home Mortgages
Assignment 15: Credit Cards
Assignment 16: Automobile Transactions
Assignment 17: Payday Loans
Assignment 18: Student Loans
Assignment 19: Banking Transactions
Assignment 20: Online Transactions

Part Four: The Deal Goes Awry: Enforcement

Assignment 21: Creditor Remedies
Assignment 22: Debtor Rights
Assignment 23: Debt Collection Abuses
Assignment 24: Public Enforcement
Assignment 25: Private Enforcement
Assignment 26: Alternative Dispute Resolution

Part Five: Consumer Law Policymaking

Assignment 27: The Future of Consumer Law

Table of Cases