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Nonprofit Law: The Life Cycle of a Charitable Organization

Unit I.  Starting the Nonprofit organization
Ch. 1.  Introduction to Nonprofit Law
Ch. 2.  Starting the Organization at the State Level
Ch. 3.  The Board of Directors at the State Level
Ch. 4.  Tax Exempt Purposes of 501(c)(3) Organizations

Unit II.  Raising Money
Ch. 5.  Charitable Contributions
Ch. 6.  Charitable Solicitations
Ch. 7.  Foundations and Their Alternatives
Ch. 8.  Raising Funds From Commercial Enterprises

Unit III.  Issues While Running the Organization
Ch. 9.  Inurement, Private Benefit, Intermediate Sanctions
Ch. 10.  Complex Commercial Transactions
Ch. 11.  Lobbying and Political Campaigns
Ch. 12.  Accountability

Unit IV.  Ending the Organization
Ch. 13.  Dissolution, Merger, Conversion