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Negotiating Business Transactions: An Extended Simulation Course

Summary of Contents

Part I:    General Overview

Ch. 1.       Introduction
Ch. 2.       Introduction to Transactional Practice
Ch. 3.       Role of Lawyer in a Business Transaction
Ch. 4.       Use of Financial Analysis in Transactional Practice and Negotiations
Part II:      Simulation Exercise

Ch. 5.       Simulation Materials
                 A.  International Simulation Module
                 B.  Domestic Simulation Module
Part III: Negotiations

Ch. 6.       Process of Negotiation
Ch. 7.       Lawyer as Negotiator
Ch. 8.       International Negotiations
Ch. 9.       Psychology of Negotiations
Ch. 10.     Special Issues in Negotiations
Ch. 11.     Communication
Ch. 12.     Ethics of Negotiation
Part IV:    The Transaction

Ch. 13.     Transaction Documents:  A Primer
Ch. 14.     The Letter of Intent
Ch. 15.     The Joint Venture Agreement
Ch. 16.     The License Agreement
Ch. 17.     The Supply Agreement

Ch. 18.     Looking Back