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About the Book

The Law of Intellectual Property

Front Cover - The Law of Intellectual Property

Fourth Edition

Craig Allen Nard, Case Western Reserve U.
Michael J. Madison, University of Pittsburgh
Mark P. McKenna, Notre Dame University

2013. 1,058 Pages. ISBN: 9781454838791.

About the Book

This comprehensive and practical book focuses on the core concepts of Intellectual Property. The book’s innovative pedagogy engages students with problems drawn from actual cases and provides them with introductions to cases and contextual summaries in the notes. 


  • Innovative pedagogy includes introductions to cases and puts policy and theory in practical context
  • Problems drawn from real-world cases
  • Modular organization supports flexible course organization for beginning and veteran teachers alike
  • Comprehensive coverage, including detailed discussion of the America Invents Act
  • Detailed Teacher’s Manual with sample syllabi, teaching notes, problems, exam suggestions 


  • New Co-author Mark McKenna is a highly regarded trademark scholar
  • Includes recent patent cases
  • Includes new trademark principal cases
  • Streamlined coverage of fair use