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About the Book

International and Transnational Criminal Law

Front Cover - International and Transnational Criminal Law

David Luban
Georgetown University Law Center

Julie R. OíSullivan
Georgetown University Law Center

David P. Stewart
Georgetown University Law Center

2010.  1,320 pages.  ISBN: 978-0-7355-6214-1. With Teacherís Manual.

About the Book

Bringing a wealth of experience and insight to a rapidly emerging field of inquiry, International and Transnational Criminal Law offers four-part coverage, dynamic perspective, and historical depth.  Ideal for the international criminal law course and well suited to courses on transnational law and international law, this new casebook carefully examines procedural issues, transnational crimes, and international crimes.

International and Transnational Criminal Law features:

  • a dynamic author team that combines scholarship with classroom and practical experience that includes
    o negotiation and drafting of international agreements
    o the policy and practice of international human rights and criminal law
    o philosophy and ethics in international law
    o transnational crime in the white-collar context
  • useful introductory chapters on public international law and criminal justice policy that make the book accessible to students without prior background
  • complete coverage that examines:
    o procedural and jurisdictional issues crucial to transnational practice
    o transnational crimes
    o international crimes
    o international criminal tribunals
  • comparative analysis that challenges students to examine cultural assumptions and familiar rules
  • historical background on major international crimes such as the Balkan Wars and the Rwanda genocide, to place legal issues in their human context
  • a rich selection of cases and materials culled from international sources
  • a comprehensive Teacherís Manual
  • a companion website that offers periodic updates for both the casebook and the Teacherís Manual

If youíve been waiting for a better casebook to come along, youíll be delighted by the coverage and quality of this timely new title.  If you havenít thought about teaching an international criminal law course, International and Transnational Criminal Law may inspire you to think about teaching it soon. 

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