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About the Book

Secured Credit: A Systems Approach

Front Cover - Secured Credit: A Systems Approach

Seventh Edition

Lynn M. LoPucki
University of California, Los Angeles

Elizabeth Warren
Harvard University

2011. 766 pages. ISBN: 978-1-4548-0400-0.
With Teacher's Manual and PowerPoint slides.

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About the Book

If you've taught from Secured Credit: A Systems Approach before, cutting-edge coverage and extraordinary authorship is what you've come to expect from two of the foremost authorities in commercial law and bankruptcy. If you've never taught from this book, you have yet to discover the flexibility of its modular organization, how convenient it is to teach using the assignment units, and the pedagogical advantages to teaching the code in the context of actual transactions. (If you've never taught Secured Credit before in your life, you may be somewhat relieved to find LoPucki and Warren's comprehensive and up-to-date Teacher's Manual and PowerPoint slides.)

Secured Credit: A Systems Approach, Seventh Edition, features:

  • the Systems Approach looks not just at rules of law, but at the people and physical systems at work in actual transactions
  • convenient assignment structure and problem-based pedagogy – for added flexibility, some assignments in the Seventh Edition have half-way stopping points, to allow one-and-a-half assignments to be covered in a single 75-minute class
  • adaptable modular organization that supports different teaching approaches
  • a helpful review of the commonalities between secured transactions and bankruptcy
  • an updated and detailed Teacher's Manual, with answers to all of the problems as well as suggestions for omitting sections for shorter courses

Thoroughly revised to ensure currency and accuracy, with updated cases, statutes, and rules, the Seventh Edition includes:

  • the 2010 Amendments to Article 9
  • division of some assignments into halves for greater flexibility--professors will be able to assign one-and-a-half unites for 75-minute classes
  • refreshed and revised problems
  • a careful review for factual accuracy
  • an updated Teacher’s Manual
  • a revised, comprehensive set of PowerPoint presentations

Whether you've been teaching with Secured Credit: A Systems Approach for years, or you're looking at it for the first time, we think you'll be impressed by all that it offers: outstanding authorship, flexibility, pedagogy, and teaching support.