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About the Book

Commercial Transactions: A Systems Approach

Front Cover - Commercial Transactions: A Systems Approach

Fifth Edition

Lynn M. LoPucki
University of California at Los Angeles

Elizabeth Warren
Harvard University

Daniel Keating
Washington University

Ronald Mann
Columbia University

2012. 1,216 pages. ISBN: 978-1-4548-1010-0. With Teacherís Manual.

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About the Book

Commercial Transactions: A Systems Approach explores the nuances of transaction law from a systemsí perspective, examining the infrastructure that supports commercial transactions and how the law is applied in real-world situations. Its outstanding team of co-authors uses an assignment-based structure that allows professors to adapt the text to a variety of class levels and approaches. Well-crafted problems challenge studentsí understanding of the material in this comprehensive, highly teachable text.

All sections of the Fifth Edition have been revised to include new case law and problems, and the 2010 Amendments to Article 9. The Teacherís Manual has also been updated and will include a comprehensive, revised set of PowerPoint presentations, available in May 2012.

Hallmark features of Commercial Transactions:

  • Extraordinary authorship ó all four authors are standouts in the field of secured credit, payment systems and sales law.
  • The Systems Approach examines the infrastructure that supports actual transactions; code is taught in the context of the transactions.
  • Teachable problems prefaced by straightforward textual explanations.
  • Assignment-based organization offers flexibility in teaching.
  • Cutting-edge coverage, including key court cases.
  • Thorough Teacherís Manual includes answers to all problems as well as suggestions for tailoring material to three- and four-credit courses.
The revised Fifth Edition has been thoroughly updated by section:

Part One: Sales Systems

  • At least 20% new cases.
  • Teacherís Manual includes new, detailed transition guide and additional material that incorporates usersí insights into the problem answers.
Part Two:  Financial Systems

  • Updated problems that reflect the types of disputes arising out of the new electronic payment systems.
  • Important new cases, including:

    Wachovia Bank, N.A. v. Foster Bancshares, Inc.
    Triffin v. Third Federal Savings Bank
    In re PTI Holding Corp.
    Chemical Bank v. Meltzer Data Sales Co. v. Diamond Z Manufacturing
    Banco Nacional de Mexico v. Societe Generale
    In re Kang Jin Hwang
    Korea Export Insurance Corp. v. Audiobahn, Inc.
    Davis v. Stern, Agee & Leach, Inc
Part Three:  Secured Credit

  • The 2010 Amendments to Article 9.
  • Division of some assignments into halves for greater flexibilityóprofessors will be able to assign one-and-a- half units for 75-minute classes.
  • Refreshed and revised problems.
  • A careful review for factual accuracy.
  • An updated Teacherís Manual
  • A revised set of PowerPoint presentations (available in May 2012).

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