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Ethical Problems in the Practice of Law

"Ethical Problems in the Practice of Law is the best teaching book I have ever used--including my own.  It was a masterful job and made an often difficult-to-teach class enjoyable in a way I haven't experienced for some time with this subject matter.  Although I tend never to use a manual, the integration with the Teacher's Manual was also very good and contributed to the students’ learning."
    – David R. Barnhizer, Professor, Cleveland-Marshall College of Law

"I sat down to look through this books and–sacre bleu–kept reading.  It’s terrific!  Interesting, clear, good explanations of relevant doctrine, problems that are manageable for students, and New Yorker cartoons and photos.  Finally, a book my students will enjoy."
    – Jane C. Moriarty, Associate Professor, University of Akron

"This book was so much fun to use.  The students really enjoyed the problems, and class discussions were lively, challenging and interesting.  The teachers manual was a particular delight because this was the first time I taught the course.  It made teaching easy."
    – Robin S. Wellford-Slocum, Professor of Law, Chapman University

"In all my years teaching, I have never received such an enthusiastic welcome from students to any textbook. Totally awesome!"

     – Judith L. Maute, William J. Alley Professor of Law, University of Oklahoma

The professors who are quoted sent these comments, unsolicited, to the authors.  No compensation was offered or made.