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Ethical Problems in the Practice of Law

Summary of Contents

Table of Problems
Preface to the Fourth Edition for Teachers and Students 
A Note to Students About Updates to This Book

Chapter 1.  The Regulation of Lawyers
Chapter 2.  Lawyer Liability
Chapter 3.  The Duty to Protect Client Confidences
Chapter 4.  The Attorney-Client Privilege and the Work Product Doctrine
Chapter 5.  Relationships Between Lawyers and Clients
Chapter 6.  Conflicts of Interest: Current Clients
Chapter 7.  Current Client Conflicts in Particular Practice Settings
Chapter 8.  Conflicts Involving Former Clients 
Chapter 9.  Conflicts Between Lawyers and Clients 
Chapter 10. Conflicts Issues for Government Lawyers and Judges
Chapter 11. Lawyers' Duties to Courts
Chapter 12. Lawyers' Duties to Adversaries and Third Persons
Chapter 13. The Provision of Legal Services 
Chapter 14. The American Legal Profession: Past, Present and Future

About the Authors
Table of Articles, Books, and Reports
Table of Cases
Table of Rules, Restatements, Statutes, Bar Opinions, and Other Standards