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About the Book

Modern American Remedies: Cases and Materials

Front Cover - Modern American Remedies: Cases and Materials

Fourth Edition

Douglas Laycock
University of Virginia

2010. ISBN:  1,104 pages. 978-0-7355-7201-0. With Teacher's Manual.



About the Book

Modern American Remedies: Cases and Materials examines the overarching policy themes and principles behind remedies law.


  • Strong, logical organization, both in terms of remedies categories and concepts and in terms of daily teaching units of roughly equal length, each unit with a clear central theme.
  • Balanced presentation of public and private law.
  • Explanations of basic law and economics that provide necessary background without dominating the primary themes of the book.
  • Memorable cases and well written notes.
  • Doesn’t hide the ball; offers plenty of information to inform class discussion.
  • Excellent Teacher's Manual includes daily teaching units, suggested assignment sheets for a variety of courses from 1 hour to 5 hours, and suggestions for teaching the cases.

New to the Fourth Edition

  • New cases include:
    - In re September 11th Litigation (on the measure of damages for the destruction of the World Trade Center)
    - eBay v. MercExchange LLC (on the prerequisites to an injunction, or on undue hardship, depending on your point of view)
    Almurbati v. Bush (on the ripeness of perceived threats to transfer Guantanamo prisoners to countries where they would be tortured)
  • Substantial reworking of Chapter 8, on restitution, in light of the Restatement (Third) of Restitution and Unjust Enrichment
  • A thorough updating of Notes throughout and of the Teacher's Manual