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About the Book

Problems in Contract Law: Cases and Materials

Front Cover - Problems in Contract Law: Cases and Materials

6th Edition

Charles L. Knapp
University of California, Hastings

Nathan M. Crystal
University of South Carolina

Harry G. Prince
University of California, Hastings

2007. 1,136 pages. ISBN: 978-0-7355-6255-4. With Teacher's Manual.

About the Book

Adaptable for instructors with various teaching styles, this casebook provides a balanced approach to traditional case analysis, problem-based instruction, and theoretical inquiry. Now in its Sixth Edition, this casebook offers a highly intelligent, contemporary treatment of contract law and maintains the success of its previous editions, in part, by including a variety of perspectives and contractual settings.

This edition retains the great features that have made the book a dependable source by:

  • incorporating a balanced blend of traditional and contemporary cases
  • including explanatory notes and text that help students place cases in a larger context and explore related points
  • offering significant treatment of the CISG
  • maintaining the Fifth Editionís reflection of complexity of current 21st century contract law with its varied strains and constant flux
  • providing three accompanying ancillaries:
    i. an outstanding, detailed Teacherís Manual with sample syllabi for various credit courses, sample lesson plans, specific questions, and detailed analyses of all problems in the book
         ii. a companion statutory and case supplement: Rules of Contract Law, 2007Ė2008 Edition (available August 2007)
         iii. this companion website with related material for instructorsí use

Many updates make this an even more valuable source for your classroom. The Sixth Edition:

  • reorganizes chapters 2 and 3 dealing with the traditional basis for contract formation and liability under other theories
  • presents new material examining the strains increasingly exerted on the conventional contract law system over the past 10-15 years by new forms of contracting (electronic, etc.) and by the increased use of mandatory arbitration clauses in mass adhesion contracting (e.g., banks, communications providers, hospitals)
  • provides increased flexibility for professors who prefer to reorder the chapters rather than teach them in a more linear sequence
  • shortens the notes, relocating student-oriented material to the website and professor-oriented material to the Teacherís Manual

Preface / Sample Chapters