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Natural Resources Law: A Place-Based Book of Problems and Cases 2E

Front Cover - Natural Resources Law: A Place-Based Book of Problems and Cases 2E

Nation-Wide Coverage of Current and Real-World Controversies
Second Edition

Christine A. Klein
University of Florida

Federico Cheever
University of Denver

Bret C. Birdsong
University of Nevada, Las Vegas

2009.  1,200 pages. Hardback. ISBN: 978-0-7355-7624-7.
With Teacherís Manual.

About the Book

By using specific examples and photographs from locations across the country, authors Klein, Cheever, and Birdsong evoke the intensity of debate that arises out of disputes over natural resources.  Creating context through a place-based approach, the authors illuminate policy and breathe life into statutory interpretation.  In addition to cases, each chapter contains at least one discussion problem. Students from every part of the country will find something to relate to their own experience in the panoply of issues located in this casebook.   

  • broad national coverage that extends beyond traditional public lands topics
  • illustrative examples that involve specific locations, often including a photo or map to create context
  • interesting problems in each chapter, with rich fact patterns, that raise contemporary policy issues
  • discriminating case selection that includes a mix of landmark and recent decisions
  • relevant statutory and regulatory excerpts begin every chapter, eliminating the need for a statutory supplement
  • consistent emphasis on primary sources throughout the text
  • adaptable and teachable organizationóreadings are grouped into assignment-sized segments
  • extensive teaching support
    o detailed Teacherís Manual
    o updates and PowerPoint presentations

Updated throughout and with expanded geographic coverage, the Second Edition includes:

  • extensive coverage of climate change, including Massachusetts v. EPA and discussion of adaptation/mitigation policy options
  • new material on national energy policy, including its relationship to climate change and national security
  • excerpts of recent case decisions
NAHB v. Defenders of Wildlife (ESA and CWA delegation)
Sierra Forest Legacy v. Rey (NEPA and logging challenge)
Citizens for Better Forestry v. U.S. Department of Agriculture
California ex rel. Bill Lockyer v. United States Department of Agriculture (Roadless Rule              Challenge)
Hicks v. Dowd (termination of conservation easements) 
Hage v. United States (regulatory taking of water rights)
Rapanos v. United States (wetlands jurisdiction)
o ESA polar bear listing, new Forest Service planning regulations, wetland mitigation rule, 
   and final CWA water transfer rule

Now with a wider geographic scope in the Second Edition to include more of the eastern states, few casebooks in any subject offer more teaching support than Natural Resources Law: A Place-Based Book of Problems and Cases.

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