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About the Book

Sales: A Systems Approach

Front Cover - Sales: A Systems Approach

Fourth Edition

Daniel Keating, Washington University School of Law

2008. Approx. 512 pages. ISBN: 978-0-7355-7645-2.
With Teacher's Manual.
Transition Guide available now by request.

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About the Book

Sales: A Systems Approach, Fourth Edition, offers a problem-based pedagogy and a thematic structure that explores the different systems governing sales transactions, including the domestic sales of goods, leases, international sales, and real estate sales. An ideal teaching vehicle that features interviews with business leaders and actual examples and documentation from practice, this highly respected casebook can be successfully used to teach Commercial law, Commercial Transactions, or Sales.

Features of this popular casebook include:

  • vivid problem-solving assignments that incorporate
     excerpts from the author's interviews with leading figures in commerce
     provisions from actual sales forms and documents
     news stories that illustrate how the system works in practice
  • a systems approach emphasizing the institutions and mechanisms that regulate transactions, illustrating how the UCC works in practice
  • organization by Assignments offering flexibility in teaching either a 2-hour or 3-hour course
  • comprehensive but succinct coverage that includes:
     the domestic sale of goods
     international sales
     real estate sales
  • distinguished authorship Daniel Keating is coauthor, with LoPucki, Warren, and Mann, of Commercial Transactions: A Systems Approach, now in its Fourth Edition
  • a comprehensive Teacher's Manual notable for its thorough answers to problems

New to the Fourth Edition:

  • many new cases, including: the Pennsylvania Supreme Court's 2005 decision in Phillips v. Cricket Lighters, reversing a 2004 Pennsylvania Superior Court decision that a disposable lighter was not merchantable because it did not have a child safety feature
  • additional material and new problems on:
    o 2-207 and the battle of the forms
    o simultaneous acceptance and breach under 2-206
    o adequate assurance of future performance and reasonable grounds for insecurity
    o measuring damages in the case of anticipatory repudiation
  • a detailed Transition Guide in the Teacher's Manual that lists changes between the Third and Fourth Editions
  • additional material in the Teacher's Manual that incorporates users' insights into the problem answers

Emphasizing the institutions and mechanisms that regulate commercial transactions, Daniel Keating offers a rich variety of materials and timely coverage in an experiential, problem-based format that works exceptionally well in the classroom.