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About the Book

Strategies and Techniques of Law School Teaching

Front Cover - Strategies and Techniques of Law School Teaching

Howard E. Katz
Elon University School of Law

Kevin Francis O'Neill
Cleveland-Marshall College of Law

2009. 106 pages. ISBN: 978-0-7355-8833-2.

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About the Book

Strategies and Techniques of Law School Teaching is intended to help you, as a new law teacher, prepare for your first semesters in the classroom. It begins at the preliminary stages of planning a new course and takes you all the way to writing and grading your final exam. Authors Katz and O’Neill offer experience and insight to the tasks of coming up with teaching objectives, choosing your book, crafting your syllabus, and creating a classroom atmosphere that is conducive to learning.  The day-to-day teaching techniques in this primer for new (and not so new) professors will prepare you to successfully field students’ questions, teach legal analysis to first-year students, and make the most of today’s pedagogy and technology to support your teaching.

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