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About the Book

Products Liability: Problems and Process

Front Cover - Products Liability: Problems and Process

Seventh Edition

James A. Henderson, Jr., Cornell University
Aaron D. Twerski, Brooklyn Law School

2011. 840 pages. ISBN: 978-0-7355-7091-7. With Teacherís Manual.

About the Book

Products Liability: Problems and Process offers a problem-based approach that balances doctrine with in-depth exercises that prompt students to apply the law in realistic fact scenarios.  Rules and comments from the Restatement (Third) of Torts: Products Liability, for which both authors have served as co-reporters, are fully integrated throughout the text.

The Seventh Edition has been updated to give an accurate picture of current product liability law.  This revision responds to the BP oil disaster, recent failure-to-warn cases against generic drug manufacturers, and design defect cases against vaccine manufacturers.

Challenging but accessible, Products Liability: Problems and Process, features:

  • outstanding authorship by luminary scholar-teachers
  • clear introductions to the black letter law and its underlying policies
  • a detailed Teacherís Manual with syllabi for 2- and 3-credit courses, plus answers to all of the problems in the casebook
New in the Seventh Edition:

  • fully updated notes and cases in every chapter, including the latest scholarly commentary
  • extensive analysis of developments in design and failure to warn
  • the Illinois decision in Mikolajczyk v. Ford
  • revision of preemption coverage in light of new case law
  • the liability of BP for the oil spill disaster
  • Toyota acceleration cases for recovery of economic loss

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