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About the Book

Global Perspectives on Counterterrorism

Second Edition

Amos N. Guiora
University of Utah

500 pages. Paperback. ISBN: 978-0-7355-0742-5. With Teacher's Manual.

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About the Book

The book examines four aspects of counter-terrorism—law, policy, intelligence gathering and operational decisions—by comparing seven countries: US, Spain, Russia, Israel China, Colombia, and India.


  • Author Amos Guiora is becoming renowned in this field, is highly accessible and brings a unique expertise to the subject of counterterrorism, both as a legal scholar and a 19-year veteran of the Israeli Defense Force with first-hand knowledge of the legal, policy, operations, and intelligence aspects of the subject.
  • Offers interdisciplinary approach—law, policy, intelligence gathering, and operational decisions—to the study of counter-terrorism.
  • An extensive comparative analysis of seven different nations’ counterterrorism efforts not offered by any other book on the topic.
  • Materials include case law, policy documents, operational decisions, and engaging case studies from seven different countries.
  • Issues to Consider sections throughout each chapter facilitate lively discussion predicated on real dilemmas and scenarios.
  • A highly engaging student-friendly text.
  • Suggested simulation exercises in which the students role play as decision makers.
  • Teacher’s manual includes detailed, recommended discussion guides.
  • A practical approach to discussing a wide variety of issues pertinent to counter-terrorism, including interrogations, the proper forum for trying terrorists, judicial review, international law, intelligence gathering, and policy responses to terrorism.

New to the Second Edition:

  • New analysis of the seven countries, including the addition of China and Colombia.
  • Chapter on future hotspots of terrorism and the future of counterterrorism focusing on Mexico and Somalia.
  • Updated cases, policy documents, and discussions on recent terrorism events around the world.
  • Increased comparisons within the book to provide students a better understanding of counterterrorism tactics and strategies between the seven different countries. 


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