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What Every Law Student Really Needs to Know: An Introduction to the Study of Law

"What Every Law Student Really Needs to Know will go a long way toward demystifying what we are trying to convey in the crucial first year of law school... The graphics, figures, and Test Your Understanding boxes break up the material and hammer home the relevant points. I wish I had read this myself before starting law school."

-- Robin Fretwell Wilson, Washington & Lee University

"[What Every Law Student Really Needs to Know] is a terrific addition to available Introduction to Legal Education materials, and fills a gap in the available materials for new law students... [The chapters on What to Expect in Law School and the Legal Toolbox] are a phenomenal introduction to law.  I would see this book being used during orientation week, prior to actually starting traditional law classes. I think that law students would benefit the most by reading this book prior to the beginning of their first year curriculum."

-- Joyce Sterling, visiting at Southwestern Law School

"I believe this book will be a good source for students seeking to understand what is going to be expected of them in law school, and will give them a good foundation to enable them to get more out of their doctrinal classes from day one of law school."

-- Cynthia L. Fountaine, Texas Wesleyan University School of Law

"This book should appeal to all future 1Ls, whether you’re a first generation college student or someone who grew up in a family of attorneys."

-- Kevin A. Freeman, Program Coordinator, Politics, Society, and Law Scholars, The Ohio State University

"I would consider using this text in an orientation program or as part of a first-semester seminar. This is a very useful text. It offers a unique approach to orienting law students to the law school experience. The emphasis on history, ordering behavior, and theory, as well as on the legal system in general, provides students with a solid foundation for the study of law."

-- Sherry L. Abbott, University of Maine School of Law