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Contemporary Trusts and Estates: An Experiential Approach

Summary of Contents

Chapter 1.   Introduction to Estate Planning and the Lawyer’s Roles
Chapter 2.   Inheritance and Relationship
Chapter 3.   Intestacy: What Happens to a Decedent’s Property if There Is No Will?
Chapter 4.   Nonprobate Transfers: Passing Property by Will Substitutes and Gifts
Chapter 5.   Creation of Trusts
Chapter 6.   Fiduciary Duties
Chapter 7.   Rights of Beneficiaries and Creditors in Trust Property; Modification and Termination of Trusts
Chapter 8.   Powers of Appointment and the Rule Against Perpetuities
Chapter 9.   Will Validity
Chapter 10. Interpreting the Will
Chapter 11. Revoking the Will and Will Contests
Chapter 12. Protecting the Family
Chapter 13. Planning for Incapacity
Chapter 14. Estate and Gift Tax Planning
Chapter 15. Administration of the Probate Estate
Chapter 16. Charitable Trusts