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About the Book

Election Law in the American Political System

Front Cover - Election Law in the American Political System

James A. Gardner, SUNY Buffalo 
Guy-Uriel E. Charles, Duke University 

2012.  1,008 pages.  ISBN:  978-1-4548-0714-8.
With Teacherís Manual.

About the Book

Co-authors Gardner and Charles offer an easy to teach, student-friendly, intellectually rich casebook with comprehensive coverage of the legal rules and doctrines that shape democratic participation in the 21st century American political system.
Hallmark features of Election Law in the American Political System:

  • Comprehensive approach to the topic, including the right to vote, redistricting, campaign finance, election administration, the Voting Rights Act, and rights of political parties.
  • Compact presentation of material, assisting efficient transmission of the material to students.
  • Contextualizes legal doctrine by providing short and useful background readings in democratic theory, history, policy, and political science.
  • Thoughtful selection and careful editing of cases.
  • Accessible expository material both introduces each topic and follows the cases for further elucidation.
  • Carefully selected readings and cases illuminate each topic without overwhelming the student with excessive recitation of cases.
  • Equally useful to a course that is more focused on cases and doctrine as well as a course that integrates democratic theory and practice with the doctrine.
  • Comprehensive Teacherís Manual.
  • Suitable for a graduate or advanced undergraduate political science course on election law.