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About the Book

Understanding Immigration Law and Practice

Front Cover - Understanding Immigration Law and Practice

First Edition

Ayodele Gansallo
University of Pennsylvania School of Law
HIAS Pennsylvania 

Judith Bernstein-Baker
Community College of Philadelphia 
HIAS Pennsylvania 

2016. Approx. 708 pages. ISBN: 978-1-4548-5038-0. 

About the Book

Understanding Immigration Law and Practice offers a thorough, accessible, and practical approach to understanding and putting to use U.S. laws and regulations to help protect refugees, bring needed workers to the U.S, and reunite families. Attuned to the sensitivity and responsibility necessary to ensuring just results in high stakes immigration cases, the authors provide readers with in-depth, information and freely offer their knowledge and insights into the complex legal issues faced by immigration clients, while proposing strategies for the professionals seeking to help them.

Key Features of the New Edition:
 Authors with more than twenty-five years combined front-line experience.
 Compact, accessible coverage of complex fluctuating U.S. immigration law and regulations, including: 
 Nonimmigrant visas, including B-1/B-2, H-1Bs, and visas for investment and trade.
 Immigration for humanitarian immigrants:  asylum seekers, refugees, and SIJ, U, and T visa applicants.
 Permanent Labor Certification Program (PERM).   
 Lawful permanent resident applications based on family relationships, employment, and investment, including adjustment of status and consular processing.
 Grounds of inadmissibility, deportation, and immigration court removal processes, including waivers.
 Naturalization and citizenship eligibility. 
 Balanced coverage of statutory and procedural rules with practical insights to aid in problem solving. 
 Numerous cases for discussion, with responses on the companion website to encourage student participation and retention.   
 Frequent vivid examples and cases from real life to assist readers in translating legal rules and theory into practice.
 Tools for student success, including learning objectives, marginal notes on key terms, and many documents and illustrations from actual practice.
 A chapter on managing the immigration practice, including performing case assessment and interviewing.

Preface / Sample Chapters