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Estates in Land Future Interests: A Step-by-Step Guide, 5e

Summary of Contents


Chapter 1: Introduction to the Study of Estates and Future Interests
Chapter 2: Possessory Estates
Chapter 3: Limitations Added to Possessory Estates
Chapter 4: Future Interests Retained by the Grantor
Chapter 5: Estates Followed by Remainders
Chapter 6: Estates Followed by Executory Interests
Chapter 7: Accounting for Additional Future Interests, Class Gifts, and Subsequent Divesting
Chapter 8: Shifting and Springing Executory Interests
Chapter 9: Review of Future Interests in a Second Grantee and the Estates They Follow
Chapter 10: What Is the State of the Title?
Chapter 11: Post-Conveyance Factual Developments
Chapter 12: More Efforts to Further Alienability
Chapter 13: The Infamous Rule Against Perpetuities
Chapter 14: Applying the Rule Against Perpetuities
Chapter 15: Relief from the Rule Against Perpetuities
Chapter 16: Putting It All Together

Appendix A: An Alternative Outline of Estates and Future Interests
Appendix B: Vocabulary
Appendix C: Answers to Study Questions and Practice Exercises
Appendix D: Practice Exercises for Use in Class 
Appendix E: Collection of Outlines and Summary Boxes