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Education Law: Equality, Fairness, and Reform

Summary of Contents

Part I.  Equal Access and Opportunity in Education

Ch. 1.     Race
Ch.  2.    Poverty
Ch.  3.    Ethnicity
Ch.  4.    Gender
Ch.  5.    Disability
Ch.  6.    Homelessness

Part II.   Constitutional Rights of Students and Limits on School Process and Policy

Ch.  7.   Discipline
Ch.  8.   Freedom of Expression 
Ch.  9.   Religion and Schools 
Ch.  10. First Amendment and the Curriculum 

Part III.. Education Reforms and the Challenge of Equality and Fairness

Ch.  11. Standardized Testing
Ch.  12. Ability Grouping and Tracking
Ch.  13. Charter Schools, Vouchers, and Non-Traditional Education