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International Law: Norms, Actors, Process: A Problem-Oriented Approach 4E

Summary of Contents

Authors' Note

Part I: Introduction to International Law and Law Making
Chapter 1. Tracing the Evolution of International Law Through Two Problems
Chapter 2. Making Law in a Decentralized System

Part II: Participants in the International Legal Process
Chapter 3. The Traditional Actors: States and International Organizations
Chapter 4. The Challenge of Non-State Actors

Part III: International Law and Domestic Law
Chapter 5. International Law in the Domestic Arena
Chapter 6. The Reach of Domestic Law in the International Arena: Jurisdiction and Its Limits

Part IV: The Protection of Human Dignity
Chapter 7. The Claims of Individuals on States: International Human Rights
Chapter 8. Mitigating the Harms of War: International Humanitarian Law
Chapter 9. Individual Accountability for Violations of Human Dignity: International Criminal Law and Beyond

Part V: Interdependence and Integration: The Challenge of Collective Action
Chapter 10. Responding to the First Global Commons Issue: The Law of the Sea
Chapter 11. Protecting the International Environment
Chapter 12. Managing the World Economy

Part VI: Challenges to International Law
Chapter 13. The Use of Force
Chapter 14. Conceptual Challenges to International Law: Legitimacy, Relevance, and Justice

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