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I. An Introduction to Some Fundamentals

Chapter 1. First Possession: Acquisition of Property by Discovery, Capture, and Creation
Chapter 2. Subsequent Possession: Acquisition of Property by Find, Adverse Possession, and Gift

II. The System of Estates (Leaseholds Aside)

Chapter 3. Possessory Estates
Chapter 4. Future Interests
Chapter 5. Co-ownership and Marital Interests

III. Leaseholds: The Law of Landlord and Tenant

Chapter 6. Tradition, Tension, and Change in Landlord-Tenant Law

IV. Transfers of Land

Chapter 7. The Land Transaction
Chapter 8. Title Assurance

V. Land-Use Controls

Chapter 9. Judicial Land Use Controls: The Law of Nuisance
Chapter 10. Private Land Use Controls: The Law of Servitudes
Chapter 11. Legislative Land Use Controls: The Law of Zoning
Chapter 12. Eminent Domain and the Problem of Regulatory Takings