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Daniel H. Cole

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Daniel H. Cole is the R. Bruce Townsend Professor of Law and a member of the Affiliated Faculty of the Workshop in Political Theory and Policy Analysis at IU-Bloomington. He teaches and writes in the areas of Property, Natural Resources Law, Land Use, Environmental Protection, and Law & Economics. He has also written extensively about Poland and Polish law.

Since his arrival at Indiana University in 1991, Professor Cole has received numerous teaching awards, and he has published six books and more than forty law review articles and essays. His articles have been published in England, Italy, France, and the United States. One of his books, Instituting Environmental Protection: From Red to Green in Poland (Macmillan and St. Martin’s, 1998) , received the prestigious AAASS/Orbis Polish Book Prize in 1999. Another book, Pollution and Property: Comparing Ownership Institutions for Environmental Protection (Cambridge University Press 2002), will be published in Chinese translation in 2010. Professor Cole serves on the Editorial Boards for the Journal of Benefit-Cost Analysis and a law book series at Ashgate Press.

Professor Cole is a Life Member of Clare Hall (College for Advanced Study), Cambridge, and has served as a Visiting Scholar in the Faculties of Law and Land Economy at the University of Cambridge. In the Fall of 2001, Professor Cole was the John S. Lehmann Distinguished Visiting Professor of Law at Washington University in St. Louis. Before moving to Indianapolis, Professor Cole was an Instructor-in-Law at Stanford Law School.

Professor Cole received his JD, cum laude , with Certificate in Environmental and Natural Resources Law, from the Northwestern School of Law of Lewis & Clark College. He holds JSM (1991) and JSD (1996) degrees from Stanford University.

Books and Book Chapters

  • "Introduction" (with Elinor Ostrom) in PROPERTY IN LAND AND OTHER RESOURCES(D. Cole and E. Ostrom, eds, 2011)
  • "Property Creation by Regulation: Rights to Clean Air and Rights to Pollute," in PROPERTY IN LAND AND OTHER RESOURCES (D.Cole and E. Ostrom, eds, 2011) 
  • "The Variety of Property Systems and Rights in Natural Resources: An Introduction" (with Elinor Ostrom), in PROPERTY IN LAND AND OTHER RESOURCES (D. Cole and E. Ostrom, eds, 2011) 
  • *La complexité du choix d’un régime d’appropriation en matière de protection environnementale, in Max Falque, ed., LES RESSOURCES FONCIÈRS: DROITS DE PROPRIÉTE, ÉCONOMIE ET ENVIRONNEMENT 75-88 (Bruxelles: Bruylant 2008).
  • NATURAL RESOURCES LAW (West 2006) (with Jan Laitos, Mary Wood, and Sandra Zellmer)
  • PRINCIPLES OF LAW AND ECONOMICS (Prentice-Hall 2005) (with Peter Z. Grossman). Second edition forthcoming Aspen Publishers, 2010-11.
  • Institutional and Technological Constraints on Environmental Instrument Choice: A Case Study of the US Clean Air Act, in Environmental policymaking 225-44 (M.T. Hatch, ed., 2005) (with Peter Z. Grossman)
  • The Regulatory Contract, P.Z. Grossman & D.H. Cole (eds), THE END OF A NATURAL MONOPOLY: DEREGULATION AND COMPETITION IN THE ELECTRIC POWER INDUSTRY 77-88 (JAI/Elsevier 2003)
  • Introduction, P.Z. Grossman & D.H. Cole (eds), THE END OF A NATURAL MONOPOLY: DEREGULATION AND COMPETITION IN THE ELECTRIC POWER INDUSTRY, 1-9 (JAI/Elsevier 2003) (with Peter Z. Grossman)
  • Stranded Costs vs. Stranded Benefits in Utility Deregulation, P.Z. Grossman & D.H. Cole (eds), THE END OF A NATURAL MONOPOLY: DEREGULATION AND COMPETITION IN THE ELECTRIC POWER INDUSTRY 169-190 (JAI/Elsevier 2003) (with Reed Cearley)
  • *Toward a Total-Cost Approach to Environmental Instrument Choice, T. Swanson (ed.), AN INTRODUCTION TO THE LAW AND ECONOMICS OF ENVIRONMENTAL POLICY, 20 RES. LAW & ECON 225-243 (JAI Press, 2002) (with Peter Z. Grossman)
  • POLLUTION AND PROPERTY: COMPARING OWNERSHIP INSTITUTIONS FOR ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2002). Chinese translation forthcoming 2010 (Cambridge University Press and Peking University Press).
  • New Forms of Private Property: Property Rights in Environmental Goods, B. Bouckaert and G. DeGeest (eds), II ENCYCLOPEDIA OF LAW AND ECONOMICS 274-314 (Edward Elgar, 2000)




Peter Z. Grossman

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Ph.D., Washington University (Economics), 1992
M.A., Washington University (Economics),1990
B.A., Columbia University (Philosophy),1970


  • The End of a Natural Monopoly: Deregulation and Competition in the Electric Power Industry, JAI Press, (Volume 7 in the series, The Economics of Legal Relationships), co-editor with Daniel H. Cole, 2003
  • Introduction to Energy: Resources, Technology and Society, Cambridge University Press, 1990, with E.S. Cassedy, (energy and public policy), 2nd printing 1993.2nd Edition, 1998 American Express, Crown, New York, 1987, (business history). translations: Japanese, French