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Constitutional Law 3E

Front Cover - Constitutional Law 3E

Third Edition

Erwin Chemerinsky
University of California, Irvine

2009. 1,888 pages. ISBN: 978-0-7355-7717-6. With Teacherís Manual and 2009 Case Supplement.

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About the Book

Erwin Chemerinsky's distinctive and brilliant approach has found a wide audience of admirers who enjoy teaching from a combination of carefully selected and edited case excerpts and stunningly lucid and elucidating exposition.

Updated throughout, the revised Third Edition features

  • comprehensive coverage in a manageably teachable length
  • flexible organization that offers modular, free-standing chapters to adapt to a variety of teaching objectives
  • highly effective pedagogical approach that combines case excerpts with clear and expansive exposition
  • context and background information in the text that connects constitutional principles and seminal cases to history and contemporary issues
  • brilliant yet approachable writing
  • detailed Teacher's Manual

Nationally recognized as a foremost pedagogue and expert in the field, Erwin Chemerinsky does not disappoint with his Constitutional Law casebook. Take a look at the streamlined and updated Third Edition. If you aren't teaching with it already, this may be the year to switch.

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