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About the Book

The Regulatory State 1E

Front Cover - The Regulatory State 1E

First Edition

Lisa Schultz Bressman
Vanderbilt University

Edward L. Rubin
Vanderbilt University

Kevin M. Stack
Vanderbilt University

2010. 768 pages. ISBN: 978-0-7355-9417-3. With Teacher's Manual.

About the Book

The Regulatory State is an innovative new casebook for 1Ls that aims to provide lawyers with a foundation for handling matters that involve agencies and regulations, as well as with a basis for understanding and evaluating our government.


  • Focuses on an accessible example: uses motor vehicle safety as the central example in each chapter, a familiar entry point into a complex legal area that provides thematic unity
  • Visually distinctive: presents primary materials drawn from the primary sources of the regulatory state, including the Federal Register, Executive Orders, and administrative guidance documents, alongside judicial decisions
  • Tools-based approach: the chapters on legislation, judicial statutory interpretation, and agency statutory implementation highlight the modes of argument and analysis that lawyers, courts, and agencies use
  • Useful practice exercises: included in the Notes
  • Provides selected materials from the best empirical and positive political theory on how Congress, federal agencies, and the courts make decisions
  • Includes practical treatment of statutory interpretation, making it an updated alternative to more traditional treatments of statutory interpretation, whether in other regulatory state books, legislation books, administrative law books, or legal process books
  • Contains lively, contemporary excerpted materials, including includes excerpts from news articles, blogs, letters from government officials, and excerpts from trade press books, as well as selected primary source materials on regulatory government
  • Organized to allow students to better understand why we have our administrative form of government: examines the common law as a regulatory regime, introduces legislation, and exposes the dynamics of its implementation by courts and agencies
  • Written by high-profile authors: Bressman and Stack are among the best young administrative law scholars in the country; Ed Rubin, former dean of Vanderbilt, is a widely respected scholar
  • Accompanied by a Teacherís Manual and a website containing specific and detailed lesson plans, along with updated primary documents (e.g., statutes, legislative history, regulations, party comments, executive orders, White House documents) and news clips (accounts from the popular press of contemporary events) for lively class presentation.