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Contracts: Cases, Discussion, and Problems

Organization in Detail

Chapter 1 Introduction to Contracts
Chapter 2 Sales of Goods and Article 2 of the Uniform Commercial Code
Chapter 3 Contractual Assent and the Objective Test
Chapter 4 The Offer
Chapter 5 Acceptance
Chapter 6 Acceptance Under UCC Article 2—Basic Principles and the Battle of the Forms
Chapter 7 Preliminary and Incomplete Agreements
Chapter 8 The Statute of Frauds
Chapter 9 Consideration
Chapter 10 Promissory Estoppel
Chapter 11 Options and Firm Offers
Chapter 12 Obligation Based on Unjust Enrichment and Material Benefit
Chapter 13 Policing Contracts for Improper Bargaining
Chapter 14 Policing Contracts on Grounds Other than Improper Bargaining
Chapter 15 Contract Interpretation and Construction
Chapter 16 The Parol Evidence Rule
Chapter 17 Misunderstanding, Mistake, and Excuse Due to Changed Circumstances
Chapter 18 Conditions and Promises
Chapter 19 Material Breach, Substantial Performance, and Anticipatory Repudiation
Chapter 20 Contract Remedies
Chapter 21 The Rights of Nonparties