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About the Book

Art Law: Cases and Materials

Front Cover - Art Law:  Cases and Materials

Aspen is Proud to Welcome an Exceptional New Title to Its 2010 Casebook List: Art Law: Cases and Materials, Revised Edition, by Leonard DuBoff, Sherri Burr, and Michael Murray.

Leonard D. DuBoff

Sherri Burr
University of New Mexico

Michael D. Murray
Valparaiso University

2010.  640 pages.  ISBN: 978-0-7355-9658-0.
With Teacherís Manual.

About the Book

Art Law: Cases and Materials, now in a newly revised edition, offers a timely and panoramic view of this entire field of law.  Designed as a primary text for courses on Law and the Visual Arts, Cultural Property Law, or Cultural Heritage Law, the three-part framework of this highly readable casebook explores Artistsí Rights, Art Markets, and the International Preservation of Art and Cultural Property.

With remarkable scope and currency, Art Law: Cases and Materials features:
  • comprehensive and balanced topical coverage that includes IP, cultural property, the First Amendment, art markets, and museum law
  • an in-depth look at the transactions and relationships between artists and galleries, dealers, and clients
  • thoughtful discussion of the preservation of art and cultural property in peacetime and wartime
Expanded and updated, the Revised Edition presents:
  • up-to-date case excerpts and notes
  • new coverage of Native American and Indigenous Peoplesí Art and the Right of Publicity in two dedicated chapters
  • additional coverage of copyright, moral rights and VARA (Visual Artists Rights Act), First Amendment, and international protection of art and cultural property in peacetime and wartime
With comprehensive coverage of each topic typically offered in art law courses today, and with practice-oriented problems for discussion in each chapter, Art Law: Cases and Materials provides each reader with the knowledge and insight to handle the issues that arise in the complex but exciting and dynamic field of law and the visual arts.