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About the Book

Preparing for Practice: Legal Analysis and Writing in Law School's First Year: Case Files Set C

Front Cover - Preparing for Practice: Legal Analysis and Writing in Law School's First Year: Case Files Set C

Amy Vorenberg

University of New Hampshire School of Law

2017. 200 pages. ISBN: 978-1-4548-5899-7. With Teacher's Manual.

About the Book

Preparing for Practice is a fresh approach to the 1L first semester legal writing and research course, designed to guide students through their development of the essential skills needed to master the MPT section of the bar exam and learn legal analysis and writing from a practice perspective. The coursebook combines practice-oriented case files with theoretical content, eliminating the need for professors to create their own case files.

The three cases included in the text teach students new skills and give them the chance to practice ones they’ve already learned. The case files are meant to represent the type of information students will encounter in practice, and are also similar to the File and Library found on the Multi-State Performance Test (MPT).

This unique text will be published at one-year intervals, each version featuring new case files. This will prevent students from accessing the work product produced by students in previous years. Each version will be on a three-year revision cycle.

Key Features of the New Edition

For professors:
  • Theory and foundational skills integrated with case files and exercises
  • Teacher's manual contains lesson plans, syllabi and model memos
  • Straightforward and concise, yet covers all essential first semester topics

For Students:
  • Content and exercises trains students to master foundational lawyering skills
  • Case file format prepares students for MPT portion of bar exam
  • Content delivered in straightforward, accessible style to maximize student understanding
  • Plenty of examples and samples that demonstrate how concepts look in practice
  • Concise and to the point