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About the Book

Land Use Regulation: Cases and Materials, 5E

Front Cover - Land Use Regulation: Cases and Materials, 5E

Fifth Edition

Daniel P. Selmi
Loyola Law School, Los Angeles

James A. Kushner
Southwestern University

Edward H. Ziegler
University of Denver

Joseph F. C. DiMento
University of California, Irvine

John Echeverria
Vermont Law School

2017. 1120 pages. ISBN: 978-1-4548-7754-7.

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With Teacher's Manual. 

About the Book

A dynamic, scholarly, yet practical teaching approach that focuses on the role of the lawyer in land use regulatory matters and the factors that influence land development decisions.

New to the 5th Edition:  

  • New chapter addressing emerging issues in the field: regulation of medical marijuana and fracking, responses to problems posed by vulnerable populations such as the homeless, continuing developments in “smart growth,” and changes in redevelopment law.  
  • Comprehensive redesign of takings materials, combining all of them in one chapter and addressing emerging issues.
  • The 5th Edition contains more comprehensive changes than in any edition since the book was first published.


  • Presents a wealth of materials designed both to teach students traditional land use tools and to reveal emerging complexities as land use law rapidly changes. 
  • Emphasizes the most current material and recent cases, providing a sense of the dynamic context of land use law while presenting a clear, practical explanation of the lawyer’s role. 
  • Examines the relative contributions of law, local government discretion, and politics to land use decisions.
  • Focuses on third-party rights in land development (e.g., individuals or organizations opposing a development plan).   
  • Explores ethical issues that arise in land use decision-making.
  • Emphasizes the intersection between sustainability and climate change with land use law. 
  • Covers the emerging land use issues concerning legalized medical and recreational marijuana. 
  • Has a new focus on the intersection between land use and vulnerable populations (e.g., the homeless and those with addiction challenges), and addresses the role land use plays in the obesity epidemic.
  • Includes up-to-date comprehensive coverage of the most important constitutional issues, including takings and the first amendment.
  • Addresses potential limits on aesthetics regulations.
  • Recognizes changes necessitated by shifting demographics of many kinds and privatized housing patterns.
  • Includes a comprehensive presentation of housing and discrimination.   
  • Explains the overlaps and synergies between land use and environmental law, including through new material on fracking.

Preface / Sample Chapters