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About the Book

Natural Resources Law

Fourth Edition

Christine A. Klein
University of Florida

Federico Cheever
University of Denver

Bret C. Birdsong
University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Alexandra B. Klass
University of Minnesota

Eric Biber
UC Berkeley

2018. 1248 pages. ISBN: 978-1-4548-9350-9. With Teacher’s Manual.

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About the Book

The casebook’s place-based approach conveys the passion and drama lurking behind public lands and natural resource disputes and policy.

The broad national coverage and array of topics in Natural Resources Law will be of interest to readers across the country. The text includes both foundational cases and new decisions, which are introduced with a context-setting paragraph and often with a photo or map of the place in dispute. This highly teachable book groups readings into discrete, assignment-sized chunks of 25-40 pages, allowing coverage of 2-4 cases or one problem during each class section. The main emphasis is on primary sources, including cases, statutory excerpts, and regulatory materials. Each chapter concludes with a factually rich discussion problem that helps students pull together the materials in the chapter.

Hallmark features of Natural Resources Law: A Place-Based Book of Problems and Cases:

  • Broad national coverage includes traditional public lands issues and topics of interest to both eastern and western students
  • Place-based coverage introduces most cases with a photo or map and a context-setting paragraph and conveys the drama behind resource disputes and the love-of-place shared by most natural resource professors, by traditional resource users (e.g., ranchers, miners, loggers), and modern recreational users
  • Conveys the drama behind public lands and natural resource policy disputes and the love-of-place 
  • Factually-rich discussion problems pull together the materials of each chapter
  • Problems mirror traditional essay exam questions or raise contemporary policy issues
  • Includes both foundational cases and new decisions
  • Groups readings into discrete, assignment-sized chunks of 25-50 pages
  • Allows coverage of 2-4 cases or one problem during each class section
  • Puts the main emphasis on primary sources
  • Provides relevant statutory and regulatory sections in each chapter
  • Extensive teaching support package including teacher’s manual and PowerPoint slides 
Thoroughly updated, the Fourth Edition presents:

  • Chapter-opener maps provide a geographic “table of contents” of the cases to be considered in that chapter
  • A discussion of the western transfer of public lands movement (Chapter 2)
  • An updated Everglades discussion problem (Chapter 3)
  • Brief coverage of state regulation of private forestry activities (Chapter 5)
  • A completely reworked and expanded chapter on energy and the federal lands (Chapter 8)
  • Discussion of the resolution of the decades-long fight over snowmobile use in Yellowstone National Park and continuing challenges to the Antiquities Act and presidentially-designated national monuments (Chapter 9)
  • A new discussion problem on Standing Rock and the Dakota Access Pipeline (Chapter 10)
  • The addition of Juliana v. United States, PPL Montana v. Montana (as a principal case rather than a note), and an updated problem on climate change and rising seas (Chapter 11)
  • An excerpt from the new article on options to purchase conservation easements by Fred Cheever and Jessica Owley (Chapter 12)
  • New coverage of critical habitat and important agency policy documents implementing the Endangered Species Act (Chapter 13)
  • Resolution of the Catskill Mountain litigation over the “water transfers” rule and NRDC v. Jewell, a replacement principal case on the delta smelt (Chapter 14)
  • An explanation of the Waters of the United States (WOTUS) rulemaking controversy (Chapter 15)
  • The addition of Murr v. Wisconsin (U.S. 2017), Arkansas Fish & Game Comm’n v. United States, and a new discussion problem on torts, takings, and flooding (Chapter 16)
  • A replacement principal case on the delta smelt (Chapter 14)
  • Expanded coverage of fire issues on public and private lands (Chapter 17)

Preface / Sample Chapters