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About the Book

The International Lawyer’s Guide to Legal Analysis and Communication in the United States

Deborah B. McGregor, Indiana University School of Law - Indianapolis
Cynthia M. Adams, Indiana University School of Law - Indianapolis

2008. Approx. 464 pages.  Paperback.  ISBN: 0-7355-6477-9. With Teacher’s Manual.

About the Book

Ideal for teaching international lawyers about the U.S. study of law, this coursebook uses a global perspective to put the basic principles of legal reasoning and writing into context.

To effectively teach analysis and communication within the U.S. legal system, the authors present:

  • material that can be easily adapted to a one-semester or two-semester writing course, using a one chapter/one idea concept
  • a building-block approach to legal analysis based on the common law—each chapter focuses on a key concept that builds on what had been covered in the previous chapter
  • tailored topical coverage that includes:
    • a concise introduction to the U.S. legal system, the common law as U.S. precedent, and the anatomy of a U.S. lawsuit
    • practical guidance for law study in the United States, including how to brief a case for class and other suggestions about the law school classroom
    • a special chapter on plagiarism, a particularly troublesome aspect of writing for international students
    • instruction on drafting client letters and demand letters, including effective word choices, phrasing, and structural choices for emphasis
    • an overview of statutory interpretation theories
    • coverage of drafting both fact-based and law-based analyses
    • citation rules, including citing to international and online materials
    • chapters on the U.S. approach to drafting contracts, emphasizing international transactions
    • techniques for taking law school examinations
  • engaging examples and exercises
  • a glossary of terms

To prepare international lawyers for practice in the U.S. legal system, use the coursebook that employs basic coverage, solid pedagogy, and a multicultural perspective.

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