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The First Amendment: Cases and Theory

Front Cover - The First Amendment: Cases and Theory

Ronald J. Krotoszynski, University of Alabama
Steven G. Gey, Florida State University 
Lyrissa Barnett Lidsky, University of Florida
Christina E. Wells, University of Missouri

2008. 984 pages. ISBN: 0-7355-6549-X With Teacher’s Manual.

About the Book

Comprehensive, timely, and accessible, The First Amendment: Cases and Theory uses the case method to elucidate theory and doctrine.  Thoughtful historical context and dynamic coverage of current issues fuel and enrich class discussion.

  • Distinguished authorship by respected First Amendment scholars
  • An emphasis on the case-method approach—cases are lightly edited in recognition of the importance of context to a study of constitutional jurisprudence
  • Discussion of historical background that elucidates the Supreme Court’s tests, standards, and approaches to First Amendment issues
  • Overviews in each chapter introduce the main themes and doctrines to better prepare students to read the cases that follow with greater insight and understanding
  • Introductory chapters on free speech and the establishment and free exercise of religion
  • Thought-provoking questions that point to the themes and factors underpinning case law
  • Problem exercises that engage students in applying legal concepts
  • Thorough coverage of the Speech, Press, Assembly, Petition, and Religion Clauses
  • Discussion of major contemporary controversies—such as the impact of technology on free speech jurisprudence—as well as conflicts between free speech and national security, civil rights, and the Internet

With a flexible organization that can be adapted to a three-hour survey course—or more specialized courses on speech, press, assembly, the petition clauses, or the religion clauses—this casebook offers both scope and depth in a highly supportive pedagogical framework.  

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