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About the Book

Counterterrorism Law

Front Cover - Counterterrorism Law

Third Edition

Stephen Dycus
Vermont Law School

William C. Banks
Syracuse University

Peter Raven-Hansen
George Washington University

Stephen I. Vladeck
University of Texas School of Law

2016. 1014 pages. ISBN: 978-1-4548-6831-6. 

Teacher’s Manual and supplementary materials may be found on the Professor Materials page.

About the Book

The Third Edition of Counterterrorism Law not only updates the leading casebook in this field with recent developments, but also adds new chapters on bulk collection, the structure of habeas, and the procedural path to terrorism trials. This edition also includes new features that make these challenging materials easier to read and teach: introductory questions for principal cases, and a summary of basic principles at the end of each chapter. A comprehensive Teacher’s Manual gives adopters helpful additional backup.

New to the Third Edition:

Important recent cases, including:
    • American Civil Liberties Union v. Clapper (2015)
    • In re Application of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (2015)
    • Ibrahim v. Dept. of Homeland Security (2014)
    • Turkmen v. Hasty (2015)
    • Hedges v. Obama (2013)
    • Aamer v. Obama (2014)
    • Al Bahlul v. United States (2015)

Other significant new materials:
    • materials on the U.S. intervention in Syria and operations against ISIL
    • materials on standards for targeted killing
    • a new chapter on bulk collection and data-mining
    • re-organized chapters on intelligence methods, the organization of the intelligence community, and intelligence operations
    • re-organized chapters on “enhanced interrogation,” including the SSCI report

    Table of Cases, Third Edition
    Index, Third Edition

Preface / Sample Chapters
    Preface, Third Edition

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Preface / Sample Chapters