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About the Book

Professional Responsibility: Problems of Practice and the Profession

Front Cover - Professional Responsibility: Problems of Practice and the Profession

Fourth Edition

Nathan M. Crystal
University of South Carolina School of Law

2008. Approx. 700 pages. ISBN: 978-0-7355-6798-6. With Teacherís Manual.

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About the Book

Adaptable to a wide of variety of teaching styles, Professional Responsibility: Problems of Practice and the Profession, Fourth Edition, offers a concise and practice-based approach through which students can develop sound judgment as they master basic concepts and prepare for the MPRE. 

In fewer than 800 pages, Nathan M. Crystal has kept his focus on the features that have made this casebook unique:

  • hypothetical problems that develop studentsí ability to make sound judgments when confronted with challenging ethical problems
  • materials and discussion questions that encourage students to articulate a cogent philosophy of lawyering
  • an innovative organization that places doctrine in the context of different types of legal practice
      o   students become more familiar with the issues that arise in specific areas of practice
      o   students are able to review and compare similar issues in different contexts
  • a modular organization that is easily adapted to a two- or three-hour course, or a clinical program
  • an extensive Teacherís Manual that provides sample lesson plans with questions and answers for each class, role playing models, and sample syllabi for two- and three-hour classes

Updated throughout, the Fourth Edition offers:

  • a second, doctrinally-organized Table of Contents to give greater flexibility to teachers who prefer a doctrinal organization
  • multiple-choice questions that are geared toward preparing students for the MPRE as well as understanding basic concepts
  • major new cases, including Spaulding v. Zimmerman and Alexander v. Cahill
  • comprehensive treatment of the revised Code of Judicial Conduct (2007)
  • a new author website that will provide updates and material covering new cases and developments and self-testing materials for students
  • new and revised problems
  • updated Teacherís Manual

For well-rounded coverage and a practice-based approach that you can easily adapt to your own teaching style, youíll want to take a look at Nathan M. Crystalís Professional Responsibility: Problems of Practice and the Profession, Fourth Edition

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